Fly PR

Fly PR is proud to be part of the Monolith on the Mesa team (thank you forever Dano — thank you Ashley and Roman and Jayson). Present and past roster includes AFM Records (Thundermother, BillyBio, Motive Black, Cabin Boy Jumped Ship); Jane Lee Hooker; Nina Diaz; Smog Veil Records (RIP); Helen Money; Acid King; Slope Records; M-Theory Audio; Tofu Carnage; Hound Gawd Records (Berlin, Germany); Heavy Psych Sounds (Black Rainbow, Killer Boogie); Tee Pee Records; Dead Teenager Records; Century Media (EyeHateGod, Backyard Babies); Arclight Records; Cannassentials (“beyond organic” cannabis grow in Oregon); Sequencer LA (re:publica); Digital Warfare Records; [punk rock] War Stories curated by Theresa Kereakes and Pleasant Gehman; The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices featuring Lisa Gerrard (Dead Can Dance) via Prophecy Productions; A Ship In The Woods Music and Art Festival in San Diego; About Productions promoting plays and programs in East L.A. for students at highest risk (featuring the talents of Los Lobos, Gabby Moreno, Nina Diaz/Girl in a Coma); as well as original stoner/doom festivals from “back in the day” including Emissions from the Monolith and Stoner Hands of Doom. 

SLICE OF ROCK HISTORY: One of the first artists Ilka/Fly PR ever represented was Wino and The Obsessed. She went on to shop the first Goatsnake demo internationally (on cassette tape!). Fly PR worked the first U.S. tour and album release for Electric Wizard (The Music Cartel) — and also the spawn of Rancho de la Luna: earthlings? (Crippled Dick Hot Wax!). 

Fly PR
Ilka Erren Pardiñas
T. 323-667-1344