HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS RECORDS borned around 2007 following the band Black Rainbows to raise his name and giving birth to some of their best albums.

After learning about press and distribution, HPS started offering his services to other bands, fortunately having good connections with nice bands as Karma To Burn, Naam, White Hills and other known names at the time.

HPS always released new and underground bands focused on Heavy Psych-Doom-Stoner-70’s Rock-Space Rock.

After years, the label keep continued to grow up cooperating with a lot of names on the scene and establishing his name among the best labels from Europe and USA.

HPS Records had the chance to have in his roster names as Brant Bjork, Nebula, Nick Oliveri, Yawning Man, Fatso Jetson all bands who belong to the mighty Californian Desert Scene of the 90’s

HPS records is also producing new and younger incredible bands as Ecstatic Vision, Duel, Black Rainbows, High Reeper, Crypt Trip, Giobia, Geezer, The Sonic Dawn and many more.. always keeping the quality level so high!

HPS make also a very good booking job, giving his bands the chance to tour over Europe and lately organizing very interesting festivals bringing together all his names offering these nice shows in cities like : San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, Dallas, Innsbruck, London, Bruxelles, Netherlands, Berlin, Paris,  Dresden ecc.

The company is very active and always willing to work with new and old bands who can have something to say and bring shine to the label!