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Great Electric Quest

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Great Electric Quest, the young band out of Southern California, may very well be one of the hottest bands around the current scene. With the release of their highly anticipated 2nd LP, titled ‘Chapter II’, the band continues to strengthen the unstoppable trajectory they’ve set for themselves as one of the leading rock bands in this modern musical landscape.

To say they open the record with a can of whoop-ass would still be falling short of the measures the band rises to within this record. The opening track “Seeker of the Flame”, punctuates viciously with an immediate and crushing impact as it opens this chapter of the Quest with a no frills approach. The record hits an incredible stride; the hammering tonality beating your head in on the pure power of the opening riffage immediately elevates your spirit from zero to 200mph in 30 seconds flat.

Great Electric Quest wastes no time in letting you know exactly what they’re all about. This is an absolute pure rock band in its truest form, harkening back to the days of Deep Purple while infusing modern rock sensibilities. This formula creates a sound that has a sheen of “purity” to it in the sense that ‘Chapter II’ seems to be an almost immediate step forward from what rock/metal bands were doing in the ’70s and ’80s. It’s very NWOBHM, yet instead of taking a high-speed, fast-flying guitar approach we get to experience the pounding, heavy style of modern American rock spin the NWOBHM formula in a fresh direction. Simply put, this talented young act does nothing short of guiding you through a Great Electric Quest in form of the masterful record that is ‘Chapter II’.

Records so finely pieced together as this one don’t come around as often as they should. Do yourselves a service and elevate your rock n’ roll spirit on the wings of Great Electric Quest. Courtesy of @ryanmfalla of @metalassault.

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