Monolith on the Mesa 2019

Poster art by Simon Berndt @1horsetown •

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“At Monolith on the Mesa, the heavy sounds dug deeply into sacred lands, pulsated with the ancestors in a heavy, rhythmic dance….The Mothership itself, open to the elements, stands in deep contrast to the dark, heavy indoor stage. Both carried the potent sound, engulfing its postmodern tribes in a crescendo that threatened to burst from the confines of each.”
– Ramona Beezus and Corey Yazzie, Weekly Alibi 

“Monolith on the Mesa is, after all, as much a journey toward inclusive community and positivity as it is toward people who want the release afforded by heavy live music.”
– Luke Henley, Santa Fe Reporter

“Dano [festival founder], who is a well known artist in his own right, has intentionally curated a small group of local artists to display their work amidst the musical performances to create an unforgettable weekend on the Mesa.”
– Girl Wunder, Live Taos

“Taos is now the epicenter for a new music and art festival. Monolith On The Mesa: A High Desert Rock & Art Experience is a music experience intertwined with an art event. It features an indoor stage with a 400 person capacity and an outdoor “earthship” amphitheatre which holds 1,500 people.”
– Teresa Ewers, New Mexico Entertainment

“It’s a loose comparison, but with the camping, the desert setting, the psychedelics and the towering art installations, it had a slight “heavy-metal-burning-man” vibe, a remark I heard numerous people make. For sure, the architecture, the landscape, the arid earth, all felt distinctly Southwest.”
– Mike Goodwin, Ritual of Sin

“If camping, wilderness, beer, doom, and desert sound good to you, Monolith on the Mesa is your jam. It’s doom in the desert.”
– Addison Herron-Wheeler, New Noise Magazine

“Monolith on the Mesa, which kind of came out of the gate in full-fledged upstart fashion this year and put Taos, New Mexico, on the map as a destination for heavyheads from all over…”
– JJ Koczan, The Obelisk

“A stunning roster of bands that represent multiple sub-genres of rock and metal including stoner rock, heavy psych, doom, sludge, drone, and retro rock, will be accompanied with interactive art presentations.”
– Pat Whitaker, Riff Relevant 

“Curated by mastermind Dano Sanchez, the fest combines a picturesque location, replete with outdoor activities — Taos Mesa Brewing, at the base of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, on the edge of the Rio Grande Gorge — with interactive art, a light show, and two days of music on two stages, featuring “heavy riff-rock acts from across multiple sub-genres including stoner rock, heavy psych, doom metal, sludge, drone, and retro rock.” 
– Ken Shimamoto, Stash Dauber

“Monolith could possibly be the first of its kind in New Mexico, a two-day music fest full of metal, hard rock and psychedelic bands, add in some local artists and have the entire festival on the Taos high desert mesa.”
– Jesse Moya, Taos News

“[the festival] left an indelible mark on the audience and bands alike.”
– Jonathan Levitt and John Galuska, Blurt

“an incredible event taking place in the southwestern mountain setting.”
– Keith Chachkes, Ghost Cult Mag

– Mike Strigl, Talking Metal Wino interview about Monolith on the Mesa

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Below are a bunch of great photos taken by Michael Goodwin @boilingdenim from our very first Monolith on the Mesa 2019. We can’t thank him enough for letting us share these moments with you.

Moments from Monolith on the Mesa 2019

    Dead Meadow

    Deep Cross


    Green Druid

    In the Company of Serpents

    Mad Alchemist Liquid Light Show



    Pinkish Black

    Sculptures and Festival Grounds

    Skate Photos

    Spirit Mother


    The Well

    Tia Carrera