Apollo Trailer


1960 Southern Pacific Railroad Airstream

Greetings earthlings,Greetings earthlings. I am Apollo, the son of spacecraft Apollo 11’s Airstream quarantine facility. After the lunar landing in 1969, NASA responded to the threat of potential moon diseases and pathogens by quarantining the astronauts post-landing. One of these holding sites was none other than our Apollo’s father, a 35’ Airstream trailer. Modified with advanced air filtration and human waste containment systems, Apollo’s old man kept our space travelers company while they waited out the spread of potential moon germs. Our newest addition is also a 35’ Airstream, and he grew up with his rivets in the stars. He dreamed of space exploration, of joining NASA not only as a quarantine facility but as part of the Apollo spacecraft itself. So it was to his dismay that right off the assembly line Apollo was given rails, not rockets, and tossed into service under the Southern Pacific Railroad. He worked the railways, providing accommodation for their employees with his fellow trailer comrades. He could never stop dreaming of the stars, and his sense of purpose was crushed — leaving him in a deep state of depression. In 1989, Southern Pacific sold off the Airstream fleet, disbanding the rail comrades and leaving Apollo in a suburb of Texas for decades. By the time we discovered him, he was gutted, left only with a cabin full of broken dreams. We brought him to Luna Mystica, polished the years of railroad silt right off of him, and gave him a makeover true to his roots. We are happy to introduce our very own spaceship, happily offering HLM lunar landings and star filled missions at his launch site in Taos, NM.

Features & Amenities

  • All trailers have AC and heating units inside so you remain comfortable no matter what the weather brings.
  • Queen size bed courtesy of Denver Mattress. Extra cozy and made just for you!
  • Fine quality linens and sheets (the mesa is rugged, but you don’t need to be!)
  • Full bath (also have two shower houses!)
  • Bath amenities courtesy of local company Blue Feather soap
  • Living area to enjoy each other’s company or revel in stunning views of El Salto and Taos Mountain (Also sleeps the adventurous traveler or youngins’ when the lights go out)
  • Outdoor deck and patio area (NM sunset and mountain views included)
  • Outdoor fire pit (wood available for purchase, light and unwind)
  • Mini Fridge, cooktop and plenty of counter space (Because we’re a fan of omelets and mixed drinks)
  • Silverware and dishes (of course a corkscrew)
  • French press and 3 ounces of coffee
  • Free Wifi

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