Donna Trailer


1960 Traveleze

Meet Dona, your coolest family member who surfed the 60’s Americana wave and makes you wonder if you were born in the wrong generation. She enjoys reminiscing about drive-in movies and listening to the Beatles at Highway 1 campsites. Drink a couple glasses of wine with her and you might catch her more turbulent tales of the road, that time she saw Bob Dylan at Newport fest or when Steve McQueen got inside her at Woodstock. Who knows what’s true or not? Somehow you don’t question it. Her boisterous personality is loving and sweet as pie, and you’re more than likely to create some stories of your own with her!

Features & Amenities

  • All trailers have electric wall heaters and additional space heaters to stay warm no matter how cold outside!
  • Full size bed courtesy of Denver Mattress. Extra cozy and made just for you!
  • Fine quality linens and sheets (the mesa is rugged, but you don’t need to be!)
  • Full bath (just keep in mind, trailers are tight quarters and have small water heaters, for longer showers use our shower house!))
  • Bath amenities courtesy of local company Blue Feather soap
  • Dinette to enjoy each other’s company or revel in stunning views of El Salto and Taos Mountain (booth style seating folds into twin bed)
  • Outdoor deck and patio area (gorgeous mesa and mountain views)
  • Outdoor fire pit (wood available for purchase, light and unwind)
  • Full kitchenette (mini fridge, microwave, cooktop) with bar style counter (for those that want to make eggs with their mimosas)
  • Silverware and dishes (of course a corkscrew)
  • French press and 3 ounces of coffee
  • Free Wifi

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