Spartacus Trailer


1954 Spartan Imperial Mansion

Legend has it that Spartacus was once the notorious leader in Europe’s underground spice trade. Traveling purely by railcar, Spartacus would hop country to country, smuggling forbidden spices and herbs for his clients in the very top of the elite class. After years of successfully smuggling goods under the radar, Spartacus had built an empire in the spice trade industry that connected all corners of the globe. Then, as if by an act of a greater power, Spartacus and his elusive empire vanished without a trace. That was until we found him in the middle of nowhere atop a hillside in Bastrop, Texas. There he had spent years on high ground overlooking the Colorado River, hiding from the international authorities and any rival smugglers that he might have crossed in his previous life. Since then, Spartacus has found a new purpose in life and decided to join our motley crew of vintage trailers on mesa. Although his life isn’t filled with the excitement it used to be, he’s happy spending his days accommodating families and friends in search of a unique lodging experience. With a queen bed, pull-out couch, jacuzzi bathtub, and classy décor, Spartacus is the perfect trailer for anyone looking to spice up their true Taos experience.Thanks to Kelsey Ann Rose for contributing to Spartacus’ gallery! Check out her work at

Features & Amenities

  • All trailers have AC and heating units inside so our guests remain comfortable no matter what the weather brings.
  • Queen size bed courtesy of Taos Lifestyle. Extra cozy and made just for you!
  • Fine quality linens and sheets (the mesa is rugged, but you don’t need to be!)
  • Jacuzzi Bathtub & Shower
  • Bath amenities courtesy of local company Blue Feather soap
  • Living area to enjoy each other’s company or revel in stunning views of El Salto and Taos Mountain (Also sleeps the adventurous traveler or youngins’ when the lights go out)
  • Outdoor deck and patio area (NM sunset and mountain views included)
  • Outdoor fire pit (wood available for purchase, light and unwind)
  • Mini Fridge, cooktop and plenty of counter space (Because we’re a fan of omelets and mixed drinks)
  • Silverware and dishes (of course a corkscrew)
  • French press and 3 ounces of coffee
  • Free Wifi

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