Wumaniti sacred horse rides


In the midst of the enchanting Northern New Mexico high desert mountain ranges exist a village of happy, conscious and spiritual folk following the laws of the land.

Where the horses speak and the magical healing flows, re-enter and ride the healing vortex of the Wumaniti Earth Native Sanctuary!

1. Ride to the hidden caves! Feel the mountain speaking all around you, step into a realm of another timeless journey!
Ride, Hike and Mediate inside a mountain temple.

2. Ride to the Hotsprings! Feel the warm waters of our earth mother relaxing your body, mind, and spirit with the natural medicinal minerals of the land!

3. Equine Medicine Journey: Powerful healing medicine journey into nature lead by horses in a ceremonial way as a guided mediation. find yourself remembering the relationship to land and self as we re-awaken our potential.