Thelma Trailer

Thelma Trailer

Thelma Trailer

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1963 Avion Tourist

Meet Thelma, the more playful sister of our Avion pair. When we found Thelma she was just about to drive herself over the edge. We convinced her life always has its ups and downs; sometimes a change of scenery and open skies flips everything upside down. Thelma and her sister found refuge in Taos, holding down their easterly corner, welcoming new days. She is happiest reflecting on what’s around her. What will you see?

Thanks to guest Wade Godman for contributing to Thelma’s photos! Check out his portfolio here.

Features & Amenities

  • All trailers have electric wall heaters and additional space heaters to stay warm no matter how cold outside!
  • Two twin size bed courtesy of Denver Mattress. Extra cozy and made just for you! (Read more about Denver Mattress and our choice to partner here)
  • Fine quality linens and sheets (the mesa is rugged, but you don’t need to be!)
  • Sink and toilet (indoor shower house steps away shared with her sister and Dennis)
  • Bath amenities courtesy of local company Blue Feather soap
  • Dinette to enjoy each other’s company or revel in stunning views
  • Outdoor deck and patio area (gorgeous mesa and mountain views)
  • Outdoor fire pit (wood available for purchase, light and unwind)
  • Mini fridge, cooktop and plenty of counter space (Because we’re a fan of omelets and mixed drinks)
  • Silverware and dishes (of course a corkscrew)
  • French press and 3 ounces of coffee
  • Free Wifi

Sleeps – 3
Package – $1,560.00
Per Person
Per Day – $173.33
Weekend – $520.00


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